Electric Bicycles

Electric BicyclesThere is info about the prices, as well as about the advantages and disadvantages of the electric bicycles shown at You will also see in-depth information about the electric bicycles manufactured by Currie Tech - Via Lento, Via Rapido, Skyline and Trailz. At, you can easily navigate between the pages where you will notice images of the separate electric bicycles. By clicking on the bigger pictures, you will be taken to a website where you can order the respective e-bicycle.

At, you can take a gaze at 6 electric bikes created by the 2 major e-bicycle fabricators. Two of them - EW-620 and EW-624, are assembled by Electric Wheels. The other four are created by Currie Tech - IZIP Via Lento, IZIP Via Rapido, EZIP Skyline and EZIP Trailz. There is comprehensive information on the technical parameters of each of the premium-quality e-cycles presented at While examining the bicycles, you will see links to sites where you can purchase them. EW-620 and EW-624 are bikes for ladies and gentlemen respectively.