What Does Hosting Reseller Signify?

Hosting is the service you demand in order to render your web page reachable on the Internet for the entire world to see. There are a lot of individuals who would like to possess their own website, which is an explanation why the web hosting business is growing and pulsating with life.

Resell website hosting solutions, take a chunk of the pie yourself!

Why not be a hosting distributor then? 'What about all the trouble of renting web servers, charging customers, employing workers and going around data centers to choose which one is the best?', you might exclaim. No, no, that is not how it is being done anymore! You can be a reseller! That's correct - you can sell the hosting solutions supplied by another web hosting distributor, on behalf of your personal brand. This method is not new and has been increasing in popularity as a way to make good money on the side. It can be a major source of revenue for you as well, but that totally depends on how serious you are about investing time in tempting customers. Yep, tempting clients - that is your predominant assignment as a hosting reseller, although, depending on the hosting reseller services provider you are using, you might need to also build your web site and charge and support your customers yourself.

The most effortless way to be a hosting reseller

There is an option to avoid all that. I've discovered it myself just recently and am extremely happy about it. It is a Free Reseller Program without an analogue where you do not have to buy any of the web hosting solutions upfront yourself - you just register for a reseller web hosting account, which offers marketing tools and lots of price and hosting product modification possibilities. The reseller hosting company that offers it is called ResellersPanel. I've found their client support team to be very supportive whenever I've experienced any technical predicament.

Reseller Web Hosting

ResellersPanel allows you to resell all their hosting products - from shared website hosting accounts to dedicated hosting servers. They also have semi-dedicated and private virtual servers (VPSs). With their virtual web server accounts and dedicated hosting server plans they give you three Control Panels and a free-of-charge billing software platform - ClientExec. They install it for you as soon as you request it, as it cannot be automatically activated without some additional info needed from you.


The best part about their hosting reseller scheme, though, is that there are no restrictions as to how much you can sell. There are no web hosting server disk space or monthly bandwidth quota restrictions, there are no restrictions on the amount of clients you can get. You are like an entrance through which clients flood an endlessly huge luncheonette and begin ordering whatever dish they wish - the horde in the kitchen will provide everything that's on the menu for each and every customer that pays a visit.

I still have a cPanel reseller account with a different hosting company, but want to transfer it over to ResellersPanel, since they have a cPanel web hosting reseller program as well. Up to the present moment, they have been able to offer me a great support service and I think that my shared, virtual private web hosting server, semi-dedicated server web hosting and dedicated hosting customers will get a similar kind of professional assistance. The cPanel clients, however, remain my obligation, so I am intent on migrating them over to a non-cPanel hosting platform in order to focus more on the marketing angle.