What Exactly is a Virtual Private Server?

Today it has become very easy to create a web page by yourself with all the free-of-charge site templates that are available on the web along with free-of-cost software apps that are good even for inexperienced users. Thus, a lot of new sites go live every day, incl. weblogs - where the moderator can comment on various issues that cross his minds, and online galleries - where persons can post pictures and the history behind them on the Internet. These sites must be hosted somewhere and one suitable website hosting option is a virtual private web server.

What is a VPS Server?

VPS means Virtual Private Server and it behaves like a dedicated web hosting server as far as administration is concerned as you are offered complete server root access with a possibility to restart the private virtual web server distantly. The virtual hosting server shares resources with other VPSs that are hosted on the very same physical server. This is reflected in the very modest price, which is much cheaper than that of a dedicated server and is actually more akin to shared web site hosting packages as far as pricing is concerned.

Kinds of Private Virtual Web Hosting Servers

Just like any other variety, Virtual Private Servers may differ based on various features, but the Operating System is perchance the most significant distinction. Here are the two most important types:

Windows VPSs - a VPS hosting server platform running Windows that will permit software apps which need Windows to function unproblematically to be installed on the private virtual web server.

Linux private virtual hosting servers - a VPS system running Linux is the more widespread type that you can find on the World Wide Web since it is more affordable to set up and handle and therefore it is more wanted.

Virtual private hosting servers are also quite popular with resellers and you can discover 2 modes of reselling a VPS:

VPS server hosting reseller - the reseller purchases a private virtual server and begins offering shared web space hosting packages that are hosted on the virtual private web server. It is comparable to the traditional reseller hosting packages, but here the reseller is given full root privileges and can revise the server's configuration.

Virtual Private Server reseller - the reseller in fact purchases entire private virtual web hosting server plans to offer them to the customers rather than offering shared web hosting packages on one single Virtual Private Server. It is deemed more cost-effective but also requires more introductory payments to purchase the virtual web hosting server.

Just like any other hosting variety, private virtual server hosting packages often involve a LAMP stack. LAMP means Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP and introduces 3 more VPS server web hosting varieties:

virtual hosting servers with the Apache web server - the Apache web server is quite famous and was the first to hit the 100 000 000 website mark back in 2009, so it is logically popular with VPS hosting servers as well.

VPS hosting servers with MySQL - MySQL is also a popular database management system utilized with lots of web applications and hence regularly wanted on a Virtual Private Server.

virtual web servers with PHP - PHP is a script language preferred by web developers, thus it is popular with a variety of hosting solutions, incl. private virtual server hosting ones.

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